Elite Cars: Chauffeured car rental in Naples since 2015.

Probably my path was already laid out before me. In fact, I come from a family of two generations of drivers.

My father, who has been in the same business for almost 40 years, has always been my point of reference. I admire his courtesy and attention that he still delivers to his customers and because of his qualities he receives incessant letters from all over the world.

They come from clients that desire to thank him for his service. When I turned 21 years old I wished to work in this field.

Since then, I could not stop this long-cherished dream and along the way I have taken the opportunity to dedicate myself to both sections, such as tourist trails and conference activities.

Petrella Nino

Chauffeured car rental service

Fabio Petrella

The long militancy in this area has enabled me to gain a complete and extensive vision of this job in various contexts and different needs.

So, here I am, with my lifelong ambition and satisfaction that EliteCars’s highly professional service – along with love and scrupulousness – receive year after year numerous approvals from customers but also from Leader agencies that unreservedly entrust their jobs to us.

But every step forward requires new goals and new horizons to reach and explore. Today, thanks to investment, time and legitimate ways, I am looking forward to becoming one of the leading companies, maturing and understanding how far my business skills can go.

Increased tourism in Naples has boosted this business, always evolving and growing and I am ready to get in the game.

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